Diamond-Flex-Polishing Brushes


Brushes made of special diamond filaments achieve a super finish – and they replace conventional diamond polishing films. The flexible brushes are specifically designed to
polish geometrically complex surfaces and the smallest of components.



  • Ra-value ≤ 0,04 μm on hard metaln
    Highly flexible brush filaments made of polyamide plastic (filament diameter available starting from 100 μm)
    Very short process time in fact of detached diamonds
    Ideal for dry processing of metals, carbid metals and ceramicsn (pastes or slurries are not necessary)
    Eco-friendly and economical
    Continous operation temperature until 200 °C
    Cost savings thanks to recoating

Application range

  • Consistent polishing performance, equally on complex geometrical surfaces
    Rounded edges in μ range
    High edge precision
    Processing sensitive surfaces