Composition of the abrasive layer


The abrasive layer of the vitrified bonded Diamond Grinding Tool consists of:

  • Abrasive layer
  • Bond
  • Pores

The essential feature of the vitrified bond is the structure of the coat.


  • The cool cut relieves chip transportation and easy coolant supply due to the porous structure of the coat.
  • Short grinding time
  • Trueing without subsequent opening of the tools (sharpening)
  • The structure of the coat can be easily and exactly adapt to the requirements of the grinding process.

Application range

Vitrified bonded Diamond & CBN Grinding Tools will be used for internal grinding of steel (large contact areas).

Also useable for many other grinding processes.

Reasonable use from 3,0 mm diameter.
Grain concentration: C 75 – C 200
Recommanded grain size: D/B 46 – B 252

Vitrified bonded tools will be generally used in wet grinding processes.
Using oil strongly expands the tool life.