Composition of the abrasive layer

The abrasive layer of the Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Tool consists of:

  • Abrasive grain
  • Bond
  • Extender

Compact grouted seal without pores


  • Very long tool life
  • Selbstschärfend
  • Self-sharpening
  • Dressable
  • Inner coolant supply from Ø 0,8 mm
  • Sizes from Ø 0,5 mm
  • Many models and special shapes
  • High true running accuracy by HM-shafts


Application range

Metal bond Diamond & CBN Grinding Tools are used for very hard materials (ultrasonic machining).

Excellent results from Ø 0,4 mm –  Ø 3,0 mm.
Grain concentration:     C 50 – C 200
Recommanded grain size:     D/B 15 – DIB 252

Depending on layout Metal bond Diamond & CBN Grinding Tools can be used in wet or dry grinding processes.

Technologically wet grinding is superior to dry grinding. That applies to the tool life as also for the chip removal time.