Composition of the abrasive layer

Galvanic coated (electroplated) Diamond & CBN Grinding Tools are marked by a single layer nickelplated coat of grain.

Tool with large chip space approx. 40% of the grain size.


  • Faster cut based on the structure of the layer.
  • Nearly all geometric based bodies can be coated.
  • Budget-priced based on the single coated layer.

Application range

By choice of the grain size you get a variety of electroplatet tools for a wide area use.

While using coarse-grained tools for soft materials (e.g. glass fiber reinforced plastic material) you need more fine grain sizes for handling hard materials.

The galvanic made nickelfilm is hard and wear-resistant.
Applicable use from 1,0 mm diameter.

Galvanic coated tools can be used in dry as well as in wet grinding processes.